"Akathisia" CD (2012) /Amputated Vein Records

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"From the vaults of the sickest Moscow lunatic houses comes the unstoppable beast of Back Door to Asylum. For too long this death metal monster has been chained and now it unleashes all its technical madness of on all those who dare to witness its ferocity.

Their debut album "Akathisia" boasts with insanely complex bass, inhuman vocals, thrilling guitars and uncompromising blasting, all embraced by the occasional touches of atmosphere.

Devastating mass of "Akathisia" will be a challenging yet pleasing hyper-tech experience for all fans of Nile, Origin and Gorgasm."

01. Snuffed Out
02. Entozoic
03. Feral Instinct
04. Shut Her Down
05. Graves of the Fathers (Cryptopsy cover)
06. Rabid Dogs and Hungry Jackals
07. The Detachment
08. Embrace the Pain
09. Restless
10. Humanness Expired